Week 18 Preview

by Jamie Xie

MON V DAL - 3/30/23

Tonight,  the Monterrey Flash and the Dallas Sidekicks are set to face off at the Credit Union of Texas Event Center. This will be the first meeting between the two teams this season, with back-to-back games scheduled for the weekend to end the regular season.

The Monterrey Flash are currently in sixth place in the standings after suffering two consecutive losses last week. With the regular season coming to a close, the Flash must clinch a victory in both games to improve their play-in situation. Their chance to move up to fourth place in the West is still possible with a strong performance.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Sidekicks secured their first win of the season in a recent back-to-back matchup against the Tacoma Stars. This victory has undoubtedly boosted their confidence, and they will be looking to carry that momentum into the upcoming games. With the playoffs looming, the Sidekicks have every reason to believe they can add more wins to their record.

Fans can expect an intense and thrilling match between these two teams in the West. With Monterrey fighting for a better position in the standing, the game promises to be a fierce battle on the field. Stay tuned for an exciting showdown between the Monterrey Flash and the Dallas Sidekicks.

TAC V EMP - 3/30/23

The Tacoma Stars will be traveling to California this Thursday to challenge the Empire Strykers in a highly anticipated matchup that will determine the third and fourth place in the West. The winner of the game will secure a better playoff position, making it a crucial game for both teams.

The Stars had an eventful back-to-back matchup against the Dallas Sidekicks, winning the first game 12-3 but losing the second game 3-5. They currently hold the fourth place in the West, with Mesquite and Monterrey not far behind. The Stars will be looking to climb up the standings while avoiding any potential drops.

The Strykers, on the other hand, will be playing their final home game of the regular season. With a history of winning two out of their three previous encounters against the Stars, they will rely on their top scorer, Franck Tayou, who has scored 36 goals this season.

This matchup is expected to be a nail-biter, with both teams highly motivated to win. The Strykers will be looking to finish their season with a strong win in front of their home crowd, while the Stars will be determined to secure a victory and improve their playoff position.

MES V CUU - 3/30/23

It's a clash between two skilled teams as the Mesquite Outlaws head to the Corner Sport Arena to take on the Chihuahua Savage in what promises to be an exciting game. This is their third encounter this season, with each team having already won one game.

Entering this game, the Outlaws are on a four-game losing streak and are in fifth place in the West. They are at risk of being overtaken by Monterrey, who is in sixth place. However, if the Outlaws give their best effort and secure a win against the Savage, they have the chance to move up to the fourth or third place, as they are only one point behind the third-placed Empire Strykers.

For Chihuahua, this will be their final game of the regular season, having already secured second place in the West. They will have no pressure going into the game and will likely give more opportunities to their substitute players while allowing their key players to rest. The Savage will aim to enter the playoffs with a relaxed and prepared mentality.

MKE V SD - 3/30/23

The Wave will be heading to the West on Thursday to face the San Diego Sockers in what is expected to be an exciting match-up between the top teams of both the East and the West. Both teams have a lot at stake, with the Wave looking to expand their three-game winning streak and solidify their position as the top team in the East, while the Sockers aim to maintain their eight-game winning streak in their first encounter against the Wave this season.

Despite their position as the top team in the East, the Wave's spot is not yet secured. With only two games left in their fixture, they are only one point ahead of the Blast. Thus, they need to prepare seriously and strive to win their remaining games. Ian Bennett, their top scorer who has scored 32 goals this season, cannot afford to rest, and his teammates will be counting on him.

The Sockers, on the other hand, are ten points clear in the standings and have already secured the top spot in the West. They have the opportunity to rest their key players and start preparing for the playoffs.

STL V FLA - 3/31/2023

The Ambush are scheduled to travel to Florida for their final two regular season games, where they will play a back-to-back match against the Tropics. In their previous two encounters earlier this season, the Ambush emerged victorious on both occasions.

Currently, the Ambush are in sixth place in the Eastern Conference. The upcoming game provides them with an opportunity to experiment with different formations and provide more playing time to other players.

On the other hand, the Tropics are in third place and have a slim chance of moving up to second place. To achieve this, they need to win both games against the Ambush. As a result, there is no justification for them to rest or underestimate the significance of this game.

BAL V UTC- 4/1/2023

On Saturday, the Baltimore Blast and Utica City FC will face each other in their final regular season game at Utica City FC's home ground. These two teams have already played against each other five times this season, so they are well acquainted.

The Blast still has a chance to compete for the top of the East if they win their last regular season game and the Milwaukee Wave makes a mistake. With the most powerful offensive firepower in the East, the Blast is expected to give Utica City a tough challenge. They will rely on their top scorer Lucas Roque, who has already scored 29 goals this season.

Currently, Utica City FC is in fourth place in the Eastern Conference, but their position is up in the air. They have the possibility of moving up one place or dropping down to fifth. To control their own fate, they must win their final game. A better play-in situation is significant for them.

Kc V HAR - 4/1/2023

In their final game of the regular season, the Harrisburg Heat will host the Kansas City Comets for the first time this season on Saturday. Although the Comets have already secured a play-in spot, they are determined to end their season on a high note and could potentially move up to third place.

The Comets will rely on their dynamic offensive duo of Zack Reget and Lucas Sousa, who have combined for an impressive 46 goals this season. With their scoring prowess, the Comets aim to put early pressure on the Heat and take control of the game.

On the other hand, the Heat are eager to end their season with a victory and show their appreciation to their fans after a loss to the Comets last week. They will likely capitalize on any defensive mistakes by the Comets and seek revenge at home.

This game marks the final regular season match for both teams, and they will aim to finish the season strong.

EMP V MES - 4/1/2023

Following their home game against the Tacoma Stars, the Empire Strykers will be traveling to Mesquite for their final regular season match. These two teams have already faced off once this season, with the Outlaws winning 4-3. This game will be the second match for both teams during the weekend, and will be a testament to their physical endurance towards the end of the season.

Empire Strykers have already occupied third place in the West, and are four points ahead of the Outlaws. With 36 goals already scored, Franck Tayou of Empire Strykers is likely to become the MVP of the season. He will no doubt pose the biggest threat to the Outlaws, as he strives for both personal glory and team achievement.

On the other hand, the Outlaws have a lot to play for in their final game of the season as they aim to solidify their current position. They cannot afford to be overtaken by Monterrey, who are only one point behind them in the standings.

TAC V SD - 4/1/2023

The San Diego Sockers will be hosting the Tacoma Stars for their final regular season game at home. This will be the second game for both teams during the weekend, so it's possible that they will rotate and substitute players to adjust their condition for the playoffs. The Sockers won their last encounter against the Stars with a score of 6-3.

The Sockers have been formidable in the league, and they have no worries or troubles going into this game as their attention has already shifted to the playoffs. The Tacoma Stars, on the other hand, still have a chance to move up to third place to improve their playoff situation. However, they will have to give their best to challenge the Sockers.

This is the final regular season game for both teams, and it's anticipated that they will strive for a victory to kick off their playoff journey and show appreciation for their supporters.

STL V FLA - 4/2/2023

St. Louis Ambush will have their second encounter against the Tropics in the back-to-back away journey.

Both teams have already earned their relative position in the playoffs and there will not be any significant changes when it comes to their standings in the league. While both teams have already secured their playoff spots, this game is still significant as it provides an opportunity for the players to sharpen their skills and build team chemistry heading into the postseason. Additionally, it gives the younger players a chance to gain valuable experience and contribute to the team's success.

The game will be a perfect opportunity for them to adjust for the playoffs and to give the young players more experience. The players can enjoy the pure happiness of playing soccer and give back to the supporters with their best performance.

MKE V HAR - 4/2/2023

This Sunday, the Wave will take on the Harrisburg Heat in their final game of the regular season. This will be the first meeting between the two teams this season and the second game for both teams over the weekend.

Both teams will be determined to end their season strong, with the Heat especially eager to perform well in front of their home crowd. The Wave have been dominant throughout the season, and fans will be looking forward to their playoff journey. Key players Ian Bennett and Derek Huffman are expected to continue their impressive performances and lead the team to victory.

As the most powerful contender for the championship, the Wave will undoubtedly be a team to watch in the playoffs. However, they will need to stay focused and maintain their high level of play to achieve success. The Heat will be hoping to cause an upset and spoil the Wave's perfect season record. This game is sure to be an exciting and closely contested match.

DAL V MON - 4/2/2023

The Dallas Sidekicks will conclude their regular season campaign with a trip to Mexico to face Monterrey Flash in their first and only encounter of the season. The Sidekicks will look to end their season on a high note with a victory, but Monterrey will be a tough challenge.

The upcoming game is crucial for Monterrey as they have yet to secure a spot in the play-in game. They require just one point to progress further, making a victory of utmost importance. The team will be giving their all to emerge victorious.

Two key players, Luis Genaro Castillon and Erick Tovar, have proven to be formidable offensive assets for the Flash with 18 and 15 goals respectively. Their performance will play a crucial role in deciding the outcome of this game.

In light of this, it is imperative for Monterrey to leverage the strengths of these players and play a strategic game. A well-executed plan could secure their place in the play-in game and bring them closer to their ultimate goal. As such, the team must remain focused and determined to secure a win.

The upcoming game is crucial for Monterrey as they have yet to clinch in the play-in game. They require just one win to progress further, making a victory of utmost importance. The team will be giving their all to emerge victorious. Luis Genaro Castillon and Erick Tovar, who have already scored 18 goals and 15 goals for the Flash relatively. Their offensive firepower will be one of the most important factors to determine the outcome of this game.

On the other hand, the Sidekicks will likely give more players opportunities to play and start preparing for the next season. The fans can expect a strong comeback from the Sidekicks in the next season.

As the last regular season game of the league, the fans have every reason to expect a wonderful game to end this season. The game is sure to be exciting as both teams will look to end the season on a positive note, and players will be motivated to give their all in the last game of the season.