Week 17 Preview

by Jamie Xie

Broadcast Channel Guide

MON V CUU - 3/24/23

This Friday, the Monterrey Flash and the Chihuahua Savage will face off once again in what promises to be another thrilling encounter between two top teams in the Major Arena Soccer League. This will be their sixth meeting this season, and the second in just seven days.

Last week's game saw Monterrey take control early on, scoring four goals in the first two quarters and eventually winning 5-2. However, Chihuahua will be looking for redemption and a chance to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs.

Monterrey will be aiming to secure a better position in the play-in, with only two weeks left in the regular season. They will be hoping to continue their winning form and maintain their momentum heading into the postseason. The Savage, on the other hand, cannot afford to lose twice to the same team in one week. They will need a win to prepare themselves mentally and physically for the upcoming playoffs.

When these two teams meet, goals are almost guaranteed, and fans can expect a feast of offensive performance in this Friday's "Derby Mexicano.” With both teams having strong attacking players, it is likely that we will see a high-scoring game full of thrilling moments.

DAL V TAC - 3/24/23

The Dallas Sidekicks are heading to Tacoma to play against the Stars this Friday. The Sidekicks have proved themselves as a formidable offensive force, having scored eight goals against the top team in the East, Milwaukee, in their last game. This has put the Sidekicks in a great position to cause significant defensive pressure to any team they face.

The Stars, on the other hand, are fighting for a better play-in position for themselves, so this game is crucial for them to win. The last time these two teams met was in early March, resulting in a wild 10-9 win for the Stars in overtime. The Sidekicks were able to hang in there and put up a fight until the very end, but they eventually lost by only one goal.

With the stakes high for both teams, this game is expected to be a nail-biter. The Sidekicks will be looking to avenge their previous loss to the Stars and prove that they can come out on top in a close match. Meanwhile, the Stars will be determined to secure a victory and boost their chances of a better play-in position.

The game is set to take place on Friday and fans can expect a tough and exciting match between these two skilled teams. Who will come out on top? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure - this is a game not to be missed!

EMP V SAN - 3/24/23

It's a clash between two skilled teams as the Empire Strykers head to the Pechanga Arena to take on the San Diego Sockers in what promises to be an exciting game. This is the third time these teams will be meeting this month, and the Sockers won their previous encounter with a convincing 7-3 victory last Sunday.

The Sockers come into this game on a six-game winning streak, while the Strykers are currently on a two-game losing streak. The Strykers' forward, Frank Tayou, has been in top form this season and has already scored an impressive 34 goals. He will no doubt be looking to continue his scoring spree and help his team secure a victory.

However, the Sockers will be determined to continue their winning streak having already secured the MASL Supporter’s Shield. With the play-in situation in the West still not clear, the Strykers know that every point counts, and they will be eager to secure a win.

Fans can expect a fiercely competitive game as both teams battle it out for a victory. Will the Sockers continue their winning streak, or will the Strykers bounce back and secure a much-needed win? It's all to play for, and anything can happen in the next two weeks. Don't miss out on the action as these two skilled teams face off on Friday.

BAL V MES - 3/25/23

On Saturday, the Baltimore Blast will travel to the West to face the Mesquite Outlaws in what promises to be an exciting match-up between two strong teams. Both teams have a lot to play for, with the Outlaws looking to end their two-game losing streak and the Blast trying to maintain their position in the Eastern Conference standings.

The Blast's goalkeeper, William Vanzela, is among the best in the league, with a stunning saving percentage of .790%. He will undoubtedly be a key factor in the team's defensive strategy, and his reliability will be crucial in keeping the Outlaws' offense at bay.

However, the Blast's true strength lies in their offensive firepower, with star player Lucas Roque leading the charge. Roque has scored an impressive 29 goals in 21 games and is a serious contender for the MVP award. His ability to create scoring opportunities and find the back of the net will be a major threat to the Outlaws' defense.

Meanwhile, the Outlaws will be looking to turn things around after their recent losing streak. They will need to bring their A-game and put in a strong defensive effort to prevent the Blast's potent offense from scoring. On the offensive side, the Outlaws will need to capitalize on every opportunity they get and make the most of their chances.

STL V MKE - 3/26/23

On the upcoming Sunday, the St. Louis Ambush will lock horns with the Milwaukee Wave in what is expected to be an enthralling contest. With both teams boasting a two-win streak and sitting comfortably in the East, this game presents an opportunity for them to refine their tactics and gear up for the playoffs.

The Wave has been dominant in their previous encounters with the Ambush, winning four out of the five matches. However, the Ambush has shown that they are capable of beating the top team of the East, as evidenced by their 10-4 win against the Wave during the last time the two teams played.

Ian Bennett, the MVP of last season, will be the biggest threat for the Ambush. Bennett has scored an impressive 29 goals so far this season and will undoubtedly be looking to add to his tally in this game. However, Ambush goalkeeper Paulo Nascimento is one of the top goalkeepers in the league with a save percentage of .741. He will be the team's best line of defense against Bennett and will be instrumental in keeping the Wave's offensive efforts at bay.

While the Wave has been scoring goals at an impressive rate in their previous games, the Ambush has a solid defense that has only conceded six goals in their past two games. This sets up an interesting clash between the strongest attacking team in the East and one of the most solid defenses in the league.

FLA V UTC- 3/26/23

The upcoming game between the Florida Tropics and Utica City FC is a crucial matchup between two Eastern Conference rivals. With the Tropics sitting only one point behind the second-place team, a win in this game would significantly boost their chances of securing a direct promotion to the playoffs. Meanwhile, Utica City FC, currently sitting in fourth place, is only three points behind the Tropics, making this game all the more important for them to secure a better position in the play-in.

Both teams will be looking to bounce back from their overtime losses in their previous matches and regain their momentum. However, the Tropics have the advantage in this matchup, having won two out of their three previous encounters with Utica City FC.

With so much at stake for both teams, fans can expect a fiercely competitive and high-energy game as each side looks to claim a crucial victory. It's sure to be a thrilling matchup between two determined teams fighting for their place in the postseason.

TAC V DAL - 3/26/23

The Tacoma Stars and the Dallas Sidekicks are gearing up for their third encounter this month and their second one this week. This back-to-back match will be crucial for both teams as they only have two games remaining in their fixture.

The Stars, who are currently sitting in sixth place in the West, have a good chance to improve their position and potentially make it to fourth place. To do so, they will need to secure every single game in their remaining fixture, starting with this match against the Sidekicks.

Both teams will face a grueling challenge with the back-to-back game, putting the depth of their squad to the test. Despite the exhausting nature of the game, they will not hold back in giving their all for the fans.

SD V MON - 3/26/23

This Sunday, the Sockers will travel to Mexico to face the Flash. Both teams will be playing their second game of the weekend, making it a challenging test for the depth of their squads.

This will be the third meeting between these two teams this season, with the Sockers coming out victorious in both previous encounters. However, despite the Sockers having already secured the top spot in the West and the League with three games left in the regular season, they will not take this game lightly. They will be looking to give more playing time to their substitute players, allowing their key players to rest ahead of the playoffs. This presents a great opportunity for their substitutes to gain valuable experience and be ready for the playoffs.

On the other hand, the Flash still has a chance to improve their standings with three games remaining in the fixture. Every player in their squad must be prepared to take on the challenge of facing the top team in the league. They will be looking to topple the Sockers for the first time this season, and they will need to put up a solid performance if they want to achieve that.

HAR V KC - 3/26/23

On Sunday, the Kansas City Comets will host the Harrisburg Heat for the first time this season in their final home game of the regular season. The Comets will be determined to end their two-game losing streak and potentially move up in the East standings.

The Comets will be relying on their dynamic offensive duo of Zack Reget and Lucas Sousa, who have combined for an impressive 44 goals this season. With their scoring prowess, the Comets will be looking to put early pressure on the Heat and take control of the game.

Meanwhile, the Heat are coming off a thrilling overtime victory against Utica City FC and will be eager to continue their winning ways. They will likely look to capitalize on any defensive mistakes by the Comets and will be hoping to pull off the upset on the road.

With only two games remaining in the fixture for the Heat and one for the Comets, both teams will be motivated to end their seasons on a high note. It promises to be an exciting and closely contested match, with plenty at stake for both sides.

MES V BAL - 3/26/23

On Sunday, the Baltimore Blast will play their final regular season home game against the Mesquite Outlaws in what promises to be an exciting back-to-back encounter between the two teams.

Both sides will be facing a big test of their physical condition, as they will have played each other in a game the day before. With the regular season drawing to a close, this will be a crucial test of endurance and fitness for both squads, who have already had a grueling season.

The Blast have had a successful season so far, currently sitting in second place in the Eastern Conference. They will look to their star players, including Lucas Roque and Jonatas Melo, to lead the way and secure a win in their final home game of the regular season.

Meanwhile, the Outlaws will be hoping to finish their season on a high note, having already secured a spot for the play-in. They will likely lean on their top scorer, Sebastian Mendez, and goalkeeper Eduardo Cortes to try and pull off an upset on the road.

With only two games remaining in the fixture for both teams, fans will be eagerly anticipating the end of the regular season and the start of the playoffs. This game promises to be a closely contested match between two talented teams, and it will be interesting to see which side comes out on top.