Week 12 Performance Rankings by Alt Sports Data

by Jack Williams

The Major Arena Soccer League has announced the Alt Sports Data Performance Rankings for Week 12. Alt Sports Data is the statistical partner of the MASL. 


The rankings are based on a formula where teams are assigned points based on statistical markers. 


Wins                                                                    +5 

OTW                                                                    +3 

Road wins (more points than home wins)           +8 

Road OTW                                                          +5 

Wins or OTW vs a >.500 opponent at game time +3 

Power Play Goals for                                           +2 

Power Play Goals against                                    -2 

Goals differential                                                  +/- 

Shorthanded Goals                                              +3

Win streak for momentum                                   +2 per win after 2 

                                                                            +1 per OT win 

Note: Win streaks of 4 or more won’t reset with one loss.


Once the points are totaled, if teams are tied, we place goals scored and wins vs common opponents if any. If there are no common opponents, it would go by wins and goal differential. 


These ratings are editorial only and do not impact a team’s standings.

This week’s results are: 

  1. Monterrey Flash - 214 (NC)
  2. San Diego Sockers - 129 (NC)
  3. Utica City FC - 120 (NC)
  4. Chihuahua Savage - 104 (+1)
  5. Texas Outlaws - 81 (-1
  6. Milwaukee Wave - 79 (NC)
  7. Kansas City Comets - 56 (NC)
  8. Tacoma Stars - 52 (NC) 
  9. Baltimore Blast - 20 (NC)
  10. St. Louis Ambush - (NC)
  11. Empire Strykers - -12 (NC)
  12. Harrisburg Heat - -46 (NC)
  13. Dallas Sidekicks -  -77 (NC)

EDITOR'S NOTE - an error in how Power Play goals were awarded on Shootouts and Penalty Kicks was discovered in our statistics software over the past week. This error has been rectified and the data results the correct PPG numbers after the fix