by Chihuahua Savage

Chihuahua, Chihuahua - Chihuahua Savage secured its second consecutive victory in the Major Arena Soccer League regular season by defeating Kansas City Comets 8-2. Notable performances from Carlos "Poper" Hernández, Enrique "Kike" Cañez, and José "Huevo" López, each scoring a brace. 

In a historic visit as the Comets' first appearance at the Corner Sport Arena, Bryan "Flaco" Macias opened the scoring by heading the ball in a one-on-one duel with Phillip Ejimadu. Shortly after, Carlos "Poper" Hernández scored his second goal of the season, connecting skillfully with a ball deflected by the defense. However, 8 seconds later, Robert Palmer shot from long distance and, taking advantage of a deflection, narrowed the lead for the opposing team. 

In the second period, Chihuahua Savage's effectiveness continued as Roberto Escalante provided a deep pass to Carlos Hernández, securing his second goal of the night and extending the lead to three goals to one. José "Huevo" López also contributed, making it 4-1 at halftime. 

During the third period, the visiting team pressed forward and capitalized on a defensive error, with Michael Lenis scoring to make it 4-2. However, this would be the last goal for the American team, as Enrique "Kike" Cañez scored two consecutive goals, concluding the third 15 minutes with a favorable score of 6-2 for the home team. 

In the final period, José "Huevo" López scored the 7-2, also securing a brace, and Miguel Diaz took advantage of a sixth-attacker situation to score the goal that set the final score at eight goals to two. 

With this result, Chihuahua Savage climbed one spot in the Western Conference standings, securing the third position with a record of 4 wins, 4 losses, and 12 accumulated points. 

For their next match, the Chihuahua team will be visiting the Borregos Arena on Sunday, January 21, to face Monterrey Flash in the 5th edition of the "Mexican Classic" in the current MASL campaign.