Sonora Takes 1-0 Lead in West

by Prensa Soles Sonora

Soles de Sonora will return to Hermosillo with a comfortable lead and a victory to return to a new MASL final, beating San Diego Sockers 7-3 in the semi-final "ida" game in California, United States.

The Valley View Casino Center in San Diego hosted Sunday's MLS 2016-2017 semifinal match, which will continue on Saturday March 25 at the CUM in Hermosillo, where Soles will suffice Win to advance to the final for the second consecutive campaign.

The winner of the series between Soles and San Diego, corresponding to the Western Conference of the Major Arena Soccer League, will face in the final the winner of the semifinal of the Eastern Conference, in which Baltimore Blast has advantage to defeat last Saturday 8 -7 to Milwaukee Wave.

Before 3 thousand 853 fans, this Sunday sonorense set the score to the minute 4:29 in play that was born of the left booty of the goalkeeper Diego Reynoso, that sent long of service that finished with power Christian Segura to shake the networks of the defended hut By Christ Toth.

At 6:09, Gustavo Rosales took the ball from behind the half court, he shook the mark, he faced the goalkeeper, he fired the ball that rebounded in the fence and the same Soles player reacted quickly to finish off the header, the ball bounced off The post and then the American goalkeeper for the second sonorense.

San Diego came with a goal from Luan Oliveira, combining the edge of the area with Victor Quiroz, at 9:21; But Soles scored his third touch through Enrique Cáñez, by defining with a powerful shot a service from Segura from the right.

Although San Diego had few chances against the rival arch, by this time the goalkeeper Diego Reynoso had already made three spectacular saves that prevented the cabin of the sonorense set.

In minute 13:42 of the second quarter Cáñez again shook the Californian networks when defining with a category in a heads-up in front of goalkeeper Toth, after receiving service of Roberto Escalante from the defensive zone, to place the score 4-1 with the That Soles went to half-time break.

In the third period San Diego came with a pair of Erick Tovar scores, at minute 3:52, with a header; And at 12:30, with firing from outside the area, both with assistance from Victor Quiroz.

Soles' reaction came in the fourth quarter with three goals, the first at 9:18 in Segura's individual play that he defined with a powerful shot; Then, at 10:26, Gustavo Rosales stole the ball to Quiroz, who played as sixth striker, to score from half court; And to 14:56, with shot of Franck Tayou.