Sidekicks Fall Short to San Diego Sockers 8-7

by Dallas Sidekicks

Allen, Texas (December 16th, 2023) – The Dallas Sidekicks faced the San Diego Sockers for the first time this season at home.

Sockers player, Charlie Gonzalez, scored the first goal of the game at the 6:30 minute mark. The rest of the quarter was quiet with no goals scored on either side, but the Sockers had 4 shots on goal and the Sidekicks had 2 goals.

18 seconds into the second quarter, Sidekicks player, Jamie Lovegrove scored, and the teddy bears went flying onto the field. Six minutes later, Flavio Guzman scored his first in the game gaining the lead. The lead was soon short lived when Sockers player, Brandon Escoto, scored tying up the game. Sockers then added two more goals before the quarter ended with goals of Tavoy Morgan and another by Brandon Escoto. Going into halftime, the score was 2-4.

Like the second quarter, the Sidekicks scored early in the third quarter with a goal by Renato Torquato. About a minute later, Flavio Guzman scored his second of the game tying the game up at 4. At the 4:22 minute mark, Sockers scored on the powerplay with a goal by Brandon Escoto, his third of the game. Late into the third quarter, Sidekicks player, Blas Pérez scored tying the game at 5.

Unlike the second and third quarters, the Sockers scored early in the fourth with a goal by Tavoy Morgan, 47 seconds into the quarter. Blas Pérez then responded back scoring his second of the game on the powerplay. At the 6:56 minute mark, Sockers player, Drew Ruggles scored, but the Sidekicks quickly tied the game back up with a goal by Renato Torquato. A minute later, Sockers scored the last goal of the game with a goal by Tavoy Morgan. The final score of the game was 7-8.

The Sidekicks play again tomorrow in St Louis as they take on the St. Louis Ambush for the first time this season. Watch the game live on Twitch at at 3:05 PM CST.