Sidekicks Fall Short in Milwaukee on Saturday Night

by Dallas Sidekickds

Milwaukee, WI (January 13, 2024) - The Dallas Sidekicks were on the road Saturday night as they took on the Milwaukee Wave for the second time this season with the last meeting being played in Allen. 

Sidekicks player Moises Hernandez scored the game's first goal at the three-minute mark with an assist by Blas Pérez. The Sidekicks kept the lead until the 12th-minute mark when Wave player, Marcio Leite scored tying up the game. Less than a minute later, Sidekicks player, Albert Rodriguez scored with a sneaky finish regaining the lead. The lead was short-lived because a minute later the Wave tied it back up with a goal by Andre Hayne.  

Three minutes into the second quarter, the Sidekicks regained the lead with a goal by Blas Pérez, his first of the night. The Wave then went on a four-goal streak with two goals in the second and third quarters. Stuart Grable and Ian Bennett scored in the second making the game 3-4 at halftime. Derek Huffman and Andre Hayne scored adding to their goal streak.

Sidekicks player, Esai Romero, stopped their scoring streak when he scored a goal in the 3rd quarter at the 8-minute mark. A minute and 15 seconds later, the Wave scored again with a goal by Breno Oliveira but 27 seconds later, Blas Pérez scored his second of the game making the score 5-7. The Wave responded a minute later with a goal by Salvador Nunez. In the last minute of the third quarter, Blas Pérez added another goal, completing his hat trick. Going into the fourth quarter, the score was 6-8.  

Unlike the back-to-back goals scored in the third, scoring became slower in the fourth quarter. The Wave added another 7 minutes in with the goal by Marcio Leite. Two minutes later, Andre Hayne scored also having a hat trick in the game. In the last few minutes of the game, the Sidekicks pulled goalkeeper Parker Lackland and appointed Gustavo Piedra as the sixth attacker. At the 13-minute mark, Blas Pérez scored his fourth of the game with the sixth attacker. The final score of the game was 7-10. 

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