by Chihuahua Savage

Kansas City, Missouri - With a golden goal from Brandon "Cholo" González, the Chihuahua Savage defeated the Kansas City Comets 3 goals to 2 in a match corresponding to the 2023-2024 Major Arena Soccer League regular season, held at the Cable Dahmer Arena in Missouri. 

After 3 minutes and 49 seconds of the first period, an error in the defensive zone of Chihuahua Savage was capitalized on by Ramone Palmer, who, when facing Diego Reynoso and after an untimely rebound at the feet of Luis "Cuate" Medrano, would score the goal unassisted. 

It wasn't until the 14th minute and 46 seconds of the second 15 minutes when Brandon "Cholo" González took advantage of a stopped ball to skillfully finish after the ball hit the front to equalize the score to 1-1 by halftime. 

In the third quarter, Enrique Cañez would score the 2-1 goal after controlling an aerial ball played by Roberto Escalante, giving the Mexican team a partial victory. However, at 8:58 of the final period, "the goal man" Zach Reget would receive a ball from the right wing after a free kick, beating Diego Reynoso and leveling the score at 2-2. 

It is worth noting that just minutes before the end of the match, Brandon "Cholo" González would receive the ball on the right side after a great screen from Miguel Díaz, cutting inside and scoring a great goal for 3-2, which would be annulled by the referees in a controversial decision for declaring a foul, sending the match to overtime. 

At 26 seconds of extra time, Hugo "Roca" Puentes took advantage of a break to assist "Cholo" González who, with great skill, scored the winning goal giving the Chihuahua Savage a 2-point triumph. 

It is worth mentioning that, with this result, the Chihuahua team adds a streak of 7 victories in 8 matches, registering a record of 9-5, accumulating 26 points, and remaining in third place and in contention for the second position. 

In their next match, the Chihuahua Savage will host the Dallas Sidekicks at 8:00 PM at the Arena Corner Sport. Tickets can be purchased at the box office on the Don Boleton website.