by Chihuahua Savage

CHIHUAHUA, Mexico - Savage finally got their first win in the Major Arena Soccer League.

With a very good start and solid defense the Chihuahua team managed to close the first period with 4 goals, a wide advantage over the visiting team that had only one goal.

For the second quarter the Milwaukee team was able to overcome and began to add goals, and although the wild team kept their advantage, the Wave team took this period.

In the final stretch of the third and fourth periods the team from the United States remained only one goal behind and as we are accustomed to the Chihuahua team for their close games, the nerves grew in the fans looking for the first victory, but it was 18 seconds before the end of the game when an own goal by Leite managed to give the definitive victory to the Savage team and the sixth defeat of this season for the Milwaukee team.

In the words of Savage team captain David "Gonzo" Gonzalez, he says he is happy for the work done by his teammates and the history they have just made for soccer in the state of Chihuahua.

Coach Luis Jaime Borrego Flores recognizes that the team had been struggling with the defeats they had suffered, but fortunately today they were able to achieve a well-deserved victory at home, and thanks the fans who came out to support the team.

The next Savage game in Chihuahua City at the Arena Corner Sport will be on February 18 and 19 against Harrisburg, so we invite the followers of this sport to live the experience of an international event.

The scorers for the wild team were Enrique Cañez, Carlos Hernandez "Poper, Cesar Ruiz, Uriel Zuart, Eduardo Garay, Jorge "Pareja" Rios and David "Gonzo" Gonzalez.

For the visiting team, goals by Mario Álvarez, Alex Bradley, Derek Huffman, Ian Bennett, Angel "Chino" Curiel, Luan Oliveira, and Marco Leite.