by Chihuahua Savage

Chihuahua, Mexico - With a flurry of goals, the Chihuahua Savage defeated the Texas Outlaws 12-4 in a match corresponding to the regular season of the Major Arena Soccer League, maintaining their undefeated streak in the competition. The Ciudad Juárez native, Miguel Diaz, stood out with a "hat trick."

In the actions held at the Arena Corner Sport in Chihuahua, the Savage team hosted the Texas Outlaws in the second match of the Western Conference. Excitement for goals unfolded from the very beginning. Javier "Pony" Gallegos opened the scoring after a shot deflected by the defense. Subsequently, Emmanuel Aguirre unleashed a barrage in the left corner of the goalkeeper to level the score 1-1. The Brazilian Adriano Nunes then restored the lead for the Chihuahuans, making it 2-1. Bryan "Flaco" Macias and Jaime Romero extended the lead to three goals for the Chihuahua team. However, Luiz "Cebollas" Morales capitalized on an error by Iván "Terry" Muñoz to make it 4-2. Nevertheless, the Chihuahua goalkeeper recovered to score a goal from midfield, closing the period with a 5-2 score.

In the second period, Enrique Cañez made it 6-2, but David Ortiz and Sebastián Méndez brought the "Outlaws" closer at 6-4 before halftime. The story took a different turn in the third and fourth periods. Despite a tight match, the goal-scoring ability of the current champion of the Major Arena Soccer League exploded, with Miguel Diaz securing 3 offensive points and earning the title of the player of the match. Additionally, Roberto Escalante, Javier Gallegos, who scored 2 goals, and José "Huevo" López sealed the victory 12-4.

It's worth noting that in this match, the Chihuahua Savage's new Brazilian reinforcement, Luan Da Conceicao "Mestre," made his debut in the Major Arena Soccer League.

With this result, Chihuahua Savage sits at the top of the Western Conference with 6 points, 20 goals for, and 5 against, boasting a positive difference of 15. On the other hand, the Texas Outlaws remain in third place with a balanced record of one win and one loss.

The Texas Outlaws will visit the Dallas Sidekicks on December 9 at the Credit Union of Texas Event Center, while the Chihuahua Savage will host the Flash de Monterrey on December 15.