by Lindsay Mogle

Goalkeeper Serving Penalties

Effective immediately, all MASL goalkeepers for the 2022-23 regular season and playoffs will now serve their own time penalties on blue and yellow cards. With this new position, the following rule is being deleted from the Laws of the Game:  

Deleted from the Laws of the Game:

12.14 PENALTIES ASSESSED TO GOALKEEPER: The goalkeeper will not serve any of their time penalties, but rather served by a teammate (Coach’s choice). A 6th attacker who receives a time penalty is required to serve their penalty time.

Note: Although the goalkeeper is not to serve his own time penalties, the time penalty violations are charged to the goalkeeper for the purpose of accumulation toward send off. 


Goalkeeper Roster Rules 

All teams are required to dress TWO goalkeepers for every game, no exceptions. In the event of an injury during a multi-game weekend; teams will be permitted to register and activate a goalkeeper to ensure they have two in the lineup.