Referee Awards

The Major Arena Soccer League is proud to announce the winners of the Gino D'Ippolito Referee of the Year Award and the Ron Cory Newcomer Referee of the Year Award.

Kyle Trimble was voted by his peers as the Gino D’Ippolito Referee of the Year Award. The award honors its namesake by being given to the referee each year who embodies the excellence and leadership on the field that Gino did.

“Kyle demonstrates an exceptional understanding of the indoor game and his communication skills with players and coaches is superb,” said Ryan Cigich, MASL Head of Officials. “Kyle is a former goalkeeper in the league and shortly after his playing career ended, he started refereeing in the MASL, during the 2010-11 season. Kyle is a former US Soccer National Referee, still does high level collegiate games and local games in Wisconsin. He has over 150 games on the floor in the MASL and was without a doubt the top performing and most consistent referee this season!”

The Ron Cory Newcomer Referee of the Year, new this season in honor of Ron Cory’s contributions to the league and well-deserved retirement is presented to Lorenzo Hernandez. Throughout his career Ron was very instrumental in working with new referees and helping them to learn and develop.

“Lorenzo has caught on well with the nuances of the indoor game in a short period of time and has shown improvement and progress on each outing,” said Cigich. “He is a current National Referee for US Soccer and is experienced at the professional and international outdoor levels.”

The award will be presented to Kyle at a later date and was awarded to Lorenzo at the Championship Ceremony.