Player Spotlight - DiPrima

With the calendar flipping to fall and the kick-off of the 2022-23 MASL season, we are going to take the opportunity to get to know some of the players throughout the league starting with the Captain of the Harrisburg Heat, Danny DiPrima.

DiPrima will be entering his fifth season with the Harrisburg Heat, his second stint with the team after appearing in six games with the club in 2013-14 as members of the PASL. Since joining Harrisburg in 2017-18 DiPrima has appeared in 84 games with 24 goals and 25 assists to his credit. Four of those goals have proven to be game winners including one last season. He scored a pair of goals in a 6-5 win over the visiting Baltimore Blast with the winning marker coming with 8:49 left in the fourth quarter. and he has also tallied 70 blocks on defense for his hometown team. Defensively, he finished third on the team with 22 blocks during the last campaign and has 70 for his career.

As a native of Dillsburg, just 15 miles southwest of Harrisburg, he also saw action in 59 games over three seasons with the USL’s Harrisburg City Islanders following his collegiate career with North Carolina State. Our first MASL Player Spotlight features 10 Questions with Danny DiPrima.

1.         You have increased your MASL point total every year you have been in the league. As a midfielder given the choice, which would be better for a Danny DiPrima point, a perfect pass to set up a game-winner or scoring the goal?

I would rather play the pass.

2.         When the Heat are on the road, what is your favorite MASL city to visit?


3.         What is the one movie you could watch over and over, and not get tired of it?


4.         What age did you begin playing soccer and did you play any other sports through high school?

I started playing soccer when I was four or five. The only other organized sport I played up until HS was baseball and I briefly dabbled in ice hockey.

5.         How would you describe your on-field role as Captain of the Heat to fans? How does it differ from a non-Captain role?

On the field, as a Captain, and being a hometown player, my role accepts more responsibility. I am less worried about myself and what I would want and I'm more concerned about what the team needs or what we need to be doing in specific game situations. I would say I am an extension of our head coach on the field and my job is to hold a standard whether that be vocally or by example.

6.         What is your most memorable MASL game moment so far in your career?

For me, it has to be my volley against Baltimore at home last season.

7.         Who is your favorite music artist/group?

Can't say I have a favorite. I like a bit of everything, but my country tunes never let me down.

8.         What is the biggest challenge a player faces transitioning from the outdoor to the indoor game?

The biggest challenge a player faces transitioning from outdoor to indoor is himself. If a player is open-minded, humble, and willing to learn then this game can teach you a lot and be extremely fun and exciting to play. There are so many talented players, teams, and coaches in the league that don't get the credit they deserve. You pair that with the tiny intricacies of this game, if you just walk in thinking it will be easy or you know everything then you will have a tough time adapting.

9.         Where is your dream destination for a vacation?

Bora Bora.

10.      What is one fact fans would be surprised to hear about Danny DiPrima?

I'll never say no to going to a Diner.