by Mesquite Outlaws

TACOMA, WA. – Mesquite Outlaws lose 1-13 against the Tacoma Stars in Kent, Washington at accesso ShoWare Center. Outlaws hope to bounce back tomorrow with a win to clinch a playoff spot.

The first quarter started off with many shots, mostly by the Stars, out shooting the Outlaws 7-3 before a goal was finally scored. In the 10th minute, Jamael Cox scored for the Stars. Cox scored again two minutes later. The quarter ended with two more shots from the Outlaws and a foul by Pablo Da Silva. The Stars leading into the second quarter 2-0. The second quarter began with two fouls from each team, before a third goal was scored by the Stars in the third minute by Nick Perera, who currently leads the league in points and goals. A fourth goal was scored for the Stars in the 7th minute by Tyler John. With a little less than a minute left in the half, Sebastian Mendez scored for the Outlaws, his 21st goal of the season. Pablo Da Silva for the Outlaws was issued a blue card for boarding with 49 seconds left in the half. Perera scored his second goal of the night during the powerplay. Da Silva and Fellipe Souza of the Stars were both issued a blue card with half a second left in the second quarter, the Stars going into the second half leading 5-1, and both teams starting with 4v4.

In the third quarter, Michael Ramos scored a powerplay goal for the Stars in the first minute. In the 13th minute, Adrian Correa scored another goal for the Stars. Souza adds another for the Stars 28 seconds later, before less than a minute later, John scoring another. The Outlaws trailing, 1-9. Eddie Na scored the 10th goal for the Stars in the second minute of the fourth quarter. The Stars then replaced goalkeeper Danny Waltman with Mike Arguello. Alex Caceres scored for the Stars in the fourth minute. In the fifth minute, the Outlaws replaced goalkeeper Eduardo “Pollo” Cortes with Juan Vences Lujano. Cox scored his hattrick goal in the 8th minute. Stephen Gonzales was issued a blue card for boarding, but the Outlaws ultimately killed the penalty. The final goal of the night came from Ramos. The Outlaws losing 1-13. Outlaws were also outshot, only having 12 while the Stars had 29.

Sebastian Mendez scored the lone goal for the Outlaws, his 21st of the season. The Outlaws are now 11-6-2, and the Stars are now 9-9-1.

The Outlaws look to bounce back, tomorrow, March 19th, against the Tacoma Stars at the Accesso ShoWare Center in Kent, Washington. Kickoff for the game is at 7:05 pm CDT. Games can be viewed live on the MASL Twitch channel, and game updates will be given on all Mesquite Outlaws social media accounts (@mesquiteoutlaws). Tickets for upcoming home games can be purchased by going to www.MesquiteOutlaws.com/tickets.