Dallas, Tex. 

The Major Arena Soccer League will host its Annual League Meetings from The Statler Hotel in Downtown Dallas. Representatives from each member club will be present to discuss plans for the league, growth initiatives and prepare for the upcoming season. M2 will be hosting their meetings from the same venue.

“We look forward to these meetings each year as a chance to connect, engage and challenge each other to grow,” said Commissioner Keith Tozer. “This year we’re especially proud to have our partners in the M2 league join us in the same location. We look forward to the networking and building that comes from these sessions.”


Mesquite, Tex.

The MASL Pro Player Combine begins Thursday night as players check in and receive their gear. Coaches and managers from every MASL club will be in attendance to run training sessions with the MASL hopefuls. Friday, Saturday and Sunday the players will have their skills tested in games.

The 2022-23MASLReferee Combine will be happening simultaneously. MASL’s Head of Officials Ryan Cigich will be hosting training sessions in conjunction with the player combine and utilizing the Pro Player Combine games to identify, teach and evaluate referees in real time. Referees from the MASL and M2 leagues will be taking part in the event.

“We have had many excellent players apply for the Combine and the level of talent will be high,” said Tozer. “The MASL Coaches will have the ability to select the next generation of talent from across the country as we have the chance to select and train the referees who are at the top of their game.”


Dallas, Tex.

The first ever MASL Pro Player Combine Draft will occur live at the Statler Hotel at 3pm. A lottery for selection order will take place during the league meetings on October 18. Further details will be released at a later date.