In the spirit of innovation and preserving the integrity of the game the Major Arena Soccer League will be rolling out a new referee system pilot program in the beginning of the 2023-24 season.  

Starting Friday, each team’s first two home games will feature a three-man field referee system for a total of 26 games. Throughout this time the MASL will be seeking feedback from MASL coaches, players, referees, media and fans.

This system has been trialed first on the M2 level and then at the MASL Pro Player Combine in Mesquite and Utica where it received positive feedback from referees, players and coaches.  

The three-man system allows referees to position themselves critically on the field to maximize coverage and increase accuracy. 

"The MASL continually aims to enhance the integrity, fairness, and overall quality of the game,” said Commissioner Keith Tozer. “This marks a significant step forward for the league as we continue to prioritize excellence in our referee program as this is the next phase in our research and development regarding adding a third referee on the field in the future."

Ryan Cigich, MASL Head of Referees noted, “Indoor soccer may in fact be the fastest form of soccer period.  As the game has advanced over the years from a speed and physicality standpoint, our objective is to determine if having three sets of eyes to detect fouls and over aggressive rough play will be better than two.”