Each Thursday in the month of August we will be taking a look back at the stats that made the 2021-22 season special.

To kick things off we start with the moments that get everyone on their feet – goals! MASL players combined for a total of 1758 goals last season. Ian Bennett earned the Scoring Champion award at the end of the regular season for knocking in 50 of those goals himself.

The West Division led the league with 634 goals for an average of 158.5 per team. With 96 games played by West teams that is an average of 6.6 goals per game.

The Central Division fell to second with 576 goals for an average of 144 per team. They also played 96 games for an average of 6.0 goals per game.

The East Division recorded 548 goals for an average of 137 per team. In 94 games played, they averaged 5.8 goals per game.