by Pete Richmire

1. As both player and head coach of the Stars, your days must be pretty full. How much of your time is games and practices vs coaching and organizational?

I would say that the planning and organizational aspect of the job heavily outweighs the on-field time. The times on the field with the team are the most enjoyable, for obvious reasons, but the amount of work done in preparation is significantly more extensive.  

2. The Stars were the only team in 2021 to not play a game within driving distance of their home arena, yet we still saw Stars gear in the stands at some games. How would you describe the Stars’ fan base?

Stars fans are really one of a kind, and they have always gone above and beyond to make us feel loved and supported. When we play at home, the team feels as though we can feel the pulse of the stands and we consider it a massive privilege and competitive advantage. We anxiously await playing in front of them.

3. What is the one movie you could watch over and over, and not get tired of it?

I’ll go with The Big Lebowski, Gladiator, and Shawshank Redemption. I can’t pick just one.  

4. Rumor has it that you speak more than a couple of languages fluently. How many, and which ones (in English, please)?

I speak 6 languages. Fluently, I would say English, Spanish, French and then I speak Dutch, Italian and Portuguese quite well, but I wouldn’t say fluent.

5. The MASL implemented play review during the 2021 Ron Newman Cup Playoffs. What are your thoughts, and would you like to see it expanded into the regular season as well?

Video Review is a hot topic at the moment. My thoughts are that the system and protocol applied is very flawed. If we are going to use technology to help the game, I think the way it is applied and the regulations around it need to be heavily improved.

6. Pitches in the MASL vary by size and turf type, arena to arena. Do you have a favorite to play on?

There are a number of fantastic venues in the MASL, but I really think the Showare Center takes the cake.

7. Who is your favorite music artist/group?

The Head and the Heart.  

8. What is one thing about Nick Perera that would surprise fans?

I am terrified of heights and sharks

9. Where is your dream destination for a vacation?

Hawaii with my wife and children.  

10. The Stars made some big off-season moves before the 2021 campaign to beef up offensively, defensively, and in goal. Is that a trend we will see continue this off-season?

We have an incredible group of players we intend on returning next season, and I don’t plan on ruining any surprises for the off-season!