by Pete Richmire

In this edition of the MASL Spotlight we catch up with the 2021 Rookie of the Year, Lucas Sousa of the Kansas City Comets.

The Comets had one of the best rookies classes a team could have in sports. What was the secret to how your team ‘clicked’ so fast? 

Definitely the trust and the support the Comets and the older/experienced players gave us. We all played in different levels and that did not matter when we were in the field. We only had one goal which was to give our best and enjoy the beauty of the sport. Unfortunately, we fell short, but I believe that with the group we have we have set high expectations for next season.

2021 was unusual for many reasons. We usually do not see pre-season tournaments like the Central Cup or even the All-Star Game. Is that something players would like to see more of? 

Players want to play. Even off season we are always trying to keep up with soccer. Central Cup was a great experience for me and for many other players. Being able to play in a pandemic showed that with organization and good infrastructure everything is possible. The Central Cup gave us the opportunity to play and learn the game before the season start. The all-star game is also another great event. Being able to see all the best players in the league together is amazing. I hope they have a continuation of these events next year.

What is the one movie you could watch over and over, and not get tired of it?

I love action movies, however, if there is one movie that I do not mind watching over and over again is Shrek. Me and Alyssa love that movie, every time we watch we are able to find a detail that blow our minds. 

Aside from your MASL gig, you also roam the sidelines as a college soccer coach. How did you get into coaching? 

As a fifth-year student I started helping both soccer teams at Park University. At the beginning, I was not very sure about what I was doing but after the first season I started to notice that the conversations and the tips I gave to players help their performance on and off the field. After realizing that, I decided to get my licenses and learn more about the other side of soccer. 

You had three Central Cup goals, nine regular-season goals, and four more in the playoffs. Do you have a favorite goal from this past season?

I do not have a favorite. I think all my goals were super important to me and to the team at some point. They were all my favorites at the moment I scored. That decision I will leave to the fans decide.

You are in the process of finishing your master’s degree, quite an accomplishment! What is in the future for Lucas Sousa off the pitch?

I did finish my masters before the season start. Discipline and hard work are what it takes. I try not to think to much about the future, but give my best in the present. As right now I am in the coaching and player career so that is what I am focused on.  

Who is your favorite music artist/group?

I listen to everything. There is a favorite artist for every type of music. The one that I listen the most is Brazilian samba and country music, but it varies a lot depending on the moment. Reggaeton is part of my daily routine as well.    

Overall, the Comets had a lot of success with a very young team in 2021. How do you build on that to take the next step in 2021-22?

We tried to keep an environment that everyone is welcome. Even the players that were injured or didn’t play much were always present. We have a strong team and great group of friends that makes everything on and off the field easier to deal with. We know that everyone in the team is important and we do not take that for granted. 

Where is your dream destination for a vacation? 

I love going back to Brazil, there is so much in my own country that would love to explore. However, Portugal has been in my head lately. Maybe in a near future I will be able to share a couple pictures with you guys.  

What is one fact that would surprise fans about Lucas Sousa?

One fact that would surprise a lot of people is that I am not a left footer. Even though I scored 90% of my goals with my left, my right is the dominant. I started to use my left because my father is a left footer and I always wanted to be like him.