by Pete Richmire

In the MASL Spotlight is the League's MVP and 2021 scoring leader Ian Bennett of the Milwaukee Wave. With the Wave idle during the season, Bennett played with the Florida Tropics on loan, and that was very beneficial for Florida and their fans.

1. Congratulations on your MASL MVP Award and leading the league in points and goals! What do those accomplishments mean to you as a player? 

As a player these accomplishments are amazing and goes to show people and kids that hard work pays off! Finally getting the respect around the league for being the best player means a lot to me, but these accomplishments would not have been possible without my teammates, especially being the new guy on a new team.

2. If you were drafting his own MASL team from current players, who is your first draft choice and why? 

That is a tough question but it’s between Max Ferdinand, Marcio Leite or Victor Parreiras. These 3 players are great men with very high skillful level, and most important part, they all love to win!  

3. What is the one movie you could watch over and over, and not get tired of it?

All Bad boys movies with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

4. It was a great gesture by inactive clubs to allow their star players to compete in 2021, as the Milwaukee Wave did. What was it like playing for another team while your organization was unable to compete? 

Honestly, I was a little nervous at the start because I have been with Milwaukee for 12 years and I didn’t know how the change would be, but the tropics owner, coaching staff and team welcomed me with open arms and made me feel at home. When I first met coach Roberts, he told me, “just be you and do what you do, let ib26 come out” from that meeting I knew he had trust in me. Overall, it was a great experience getting to see how another organization runs their day to day operations.  

5. With so many super-skilled players on loan this season, was the higher than usual concentration of highly-talented players noticeable? Were the games even more competitive than previous seasons?

That's what makes the MVP so special this year because every team was loaded! Every team had 3 very good lines and the games were such a high level you couldn’t take any players off, players had to be extremely focused! It was like all-star games every time a team played.

6. The Milwaukee Wave is a club with a very deep history and an incredible fan base. What was it like playing in arenas where attendance was severely limited, or not allowed at all?

I think that was the hardest part for me not to play in a packed area for games. I feed off the fans, music and the kids. It was too quiet for me and you couldn’t use the excuse that you couldn’t hear the coach because it was too loud.

7. Who is your favorite music artist/group?

Drake, 50 Cent, DMX, Usher and Tory Lanez.

8. Do you have a pre-game ‘ritual’ you do on game days? What is your routine like to prepare for a game?

I have too many rituals and routines on days before and on game days. I can’t tell you all my secrets.  

9. Where is your dream destination for a vacation? 

Going to England for a week and getting the chance to see Manchester United play in person!!

10. What is one fact that would surprise fans about Ian Bennett?

I attended catholic private schools my entire life, from elementary through college and all their mascots were a knight…. Weird right