by Pete Richmire

For this installment of MASL Spotlight, we catch up with Ontario's ALL-MASL 1st Team forward, 'The King' Franck Tayou!

1. With teams not being allowed to have as many fans as normal in arenas, the game sounded different. What was it like as a player, and how important are your home fans?

It felt more like a practice game. The competitive level as still high but the pressure was not as felt. Home fans are massive. They raise the intensity of the games.

2. Including every MASL city, which arena is the toughest to play a road game at?  

Sonora and Turlock. The (field) size gives a huge advantage to the home team.  

3. What is the one movie you could watch over and over, and not get tired of it? 


4. What is the one city you would most love to see have a MASL franchise? 

Las Vegas

5. Who is the toughest keeper you have faced in the MASL? 

Danny Waltman earlier in my career. As of one!

6. What is it like getting to play on the same team as your brother at the professional level? 

It's a blessing. I don't take it for granted. We push each other and we hold each other accountable.  

7. Who is your favorite music artist/group? 

Michael Jackson, Jimmy Hendrix, Richard Bona, Tupac, The Killers, Queen

8. What goes in to preparing for a MASL game, from watching film to practice, etc? 

Be the first and be the last one at practice. Watch at least a game every night til game day.

9. Where is your dream destination for a vacation? 

Santorini, Greece.  

10. The Fury came so very close to hoisting the Cup this season. What is the one thing we need to see to make that happen next season?  

Get everyone back healthy. Build from our performance in the last game. Personally...I'm going to be unstoppable!!