The Major Arena Soccer League’s (MASL) Fall League Meetings this past September produced several exciting announcements, including the announcement of the MASL’s new Deputy Commissioner, Rogelio Cota.

Cota has been a successful part of the MASL for the past several seasons as the owner of Soles de Sonora.

In his new position, Cota will be tasked with helping to grow the MASL in Mexico.

“I love the MASL and the game of arena soccer,” said Cota. “I know what it takes to be successful in the league and I look forward to spreading the game through my country.”

Cota has already identified several cities and arenas that he feels would be a good fit for the MASL and M2. Now, Cota has set upon meeting with the governments of the larger cities and Mexico’s Ministry of Sport.

By working with local governments, Cota will be able to secure arenas and identify potential ownership for teams. In addition, Cota will work with local authorities to grow the game from the ground up with the establishment of youth arena soccer programs.

“We want to establish the MASL culture throughout each state in Mexico. From the youth all the way through the professional ranks, we want to make sure fans in my country are able to enjoy the game I love so much.”

Some of the growth on the professional side, at least initially, will come into the ranks of the MASL’s second division, M2. With many cities already hosting teams in Mexico’s Futbol Rapido leagues, the transition into the M2 league should be smooth.

While he is just getting started, Cota has big plans for the MASL’s expansion.

“I think it is realistic to see a future with MASL or M2 teams throughout Mexico and we should be able to have entire divisions and conferences entirely made of Mexican teams. Eventually, we can progress through Central America and even set up Champions League-style tournaments.”