by Lindsay Mogle


The day we've all been waiting for is finally here. The talent and intensity have picked up with every new game and today's contests should be an exceptional display. If the combine were a regular season today would be the championship game and the vibe in the hotel is fitting. The players were once again reshuffled into four rosters. The first game kicks off at 7:30am and the second at 10am. The 10am game will be broadcast on the Mesquite Outlaws Twitch channel. Be sure to tune in! 

After the second game the players load up into buses and head to the beautiful Statler Hotel in Downtown Dallas for the MASL Pro Player Combine Draft. The Tacoma Stars have earned the first pick and while we have our guesses there is still a lot of game play left to determine a player's chances of MASL success. 

The first player registered for the Combine on way back on March 17. There are players here from France, Bermuda, Germany, England, Mexico, Australia and across the United States. A field of over 300 applicants were vetted and only the cream of the crop were invited to Texas. 

Today is a very big day and we can't wait to get started! 



Saturday Am

We are back at it early this beautiful Texas morning. Our goalkeepers are getting in an extra training session before games kick off at 10am. Yesterday's five teams have been redistributed into four teams. Players were ranked 1-3 with 1 being the highest and then teams were built with talent evenly spread across so that today's games should be very competitive. The legs had some serious work yesterday so today we see who really has what it takes to compete through the rigors of an MASL season. Rumor has it there is a dog show happening at the convention center next door, stay tuned for cute puppy content between games. 

FRIDAY Interviews

Friday Night

The first full day is in the books. All the players got two games and the evaluators had lots of time to scout the talent on the field. Players will be shuffled onto new teams for tomorrow and the evaluators will come in with fresh eyes. The camaraderie among players is special to see with guys organizing pre-game kick arounds and post-game cool downs. We even hear there is a cards match in the lobby this evening as players unwind and recover. Coaches from across the league have joined forces behind the bench to work with players during the game. East coast's Hewerton Moreira was paired with Baltimore's Lester Felician while Empire's Jimmy Nordberg coached along side Chihuahua's Luis Borrego.

Time for dinner! 

Friday Midday

Morning training sessions have concluded including a double session for the goalkeepers. Players have been divided up into five teams and will start games after a catered lunch at the arena. First up is a game between the LA Lazers and the Phoenix Inferno. The Pittsburgh Spirit and the New York Arrows follow with a match up at 2:15pm, the Cleveland Force and LA Lazers at 3:30pm, Phoenix Inferno and Pittsburgh Spirit at 5pm and Cleveland Force and New York Arrows closing out Day One at 6:15pm. Check back for scores!

Friday Morning

Good morning from the Rodeo Capital of Texas. The first session of the morning is underway and the goalkeepers are getting put through the paces with Mark Litton. The arena is starting to fill with field players for the first team training sessions. We'll check in with some of the guys when they get off the field.


Day One is wrapping up here in Mesquite, Texas and players are headed to their rooms in the Hampton Inn and Suites for a night of rest before training begins at 7am tomorrow.

Players checked in, received their Capelli training gear and were treated to an Italian buffet in the hotel’s ballroom. There is a buzz in the hotel as players get acquainted with each other and learn their team assignments for Friday. Two new roommates might just be new best friends as they found out not only are their fathers both in the military but their names are both Jeffrey! 

The first official event of the day took place inside the Mesquite Arena where MASL Commissioner Keith Tozer introduced the league staff, team coaches and evaluators. He explained the agenda, evaluation process and most importantly shared some words of wisdom as players compete.

He told them to focus on the quality of play over their quantity, be self-reflective, be a good teammate and a better human and to always be a sponge when learning new information from all the coaches and their new teammates. 

Coaches that have arrived so far gathered after the orientation session for a quick training session on the TeamGenius App they will be using to evaluate players and of course a photo-shoot in their matching Capelli polos.

Check back tomorrow for more as we start training and games!