by Lindsay Mogle

MASL Monday is back with an all-new cast of characters! Check out the MASL’s flagship show every Monday night wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe and follow now to never miss an episode. 

Alex Bastyovanszky should be no stranger to fans as the longtime host of MASL Primetime. This year he’s taking a walk out of the studio and sitting down for a deep dive each and every week of the season. He will be joined each week by broadcasters and personalities from around the league to help bring new insight into the Major Arena Soccer League. 

The show’s kickoff episode features broadcasters from each side of this weekend’s fence with Kansas City’s Nick Vasos and St. Louis’ Joey Zanaboni. They cover hot predictions, mystery arena guests and even something about a burrito stand. 

Alex is looking forward to kicking off the new season in a new format. He said, “‘I’m thrilled to be hosting MASL Monday this season. We’ll have in-depth analysis from a wide array of league broadcasters each week, and plenty of laughs along the way.

This is the world’s premier indoor soccer league and the MASL Monday crew will ensure you’re up to date on everything that’s going on. Can’t wait to get started!”

You can also catch Alex during halftime on Twitch in his new segment, “MASL at the Half” where he gives you all the news that’s fit to be aired in a power-packed four-minute segment.

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