by Lindsay Mogle

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The official soccer ball of Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) for the 2022-23 season is now available for purchase. 

Used by the top professional indoor soccer players during both training and games. Ball specifications were co-developed with MASL executives to ensure it suits the needs of athletes at the highest level. High-quality, premium materials built to withstand the rigors of a MASL season. Instantly recognizable due to unique neon tribal print designed by the FLITE Creative team.

In indoor soccer the ball takes more of a beating because every missed shot literally hits a solid wall. This can create damage to the bladder, the outer layer and the seams. This ball is extremely durable and that is accomplished with attention to detail and the use of high quality materials.

It all starts with the bladder; we use a BUTYL bladder which is the world's most reliable and sought after soccer ball bladder. It is used by top brands for professional league use. The bladder is the foundation of building a long lasting ball that retains air.

Next is the inner layer that covers the bladder; this is where you can make some adjustments to the ball's bounce or response based on how many layers of polyester you put on the ball. The MASL ball has a small amount of extra polyester to keep the ball from bouncing too much and going out of bounds all the time.

The final key to making a high-end soccer ball is the outer layer. We use a textured material and hand-sewn panels in the traditional 32 panel design because it is proven to maintain shape better than other modern designs with unique panel configurations. Some soccer balls have as few as five panels but average is still around 12-18 panels for the newer designs. In some cases, this is done on purpose, as brands want you to buy more soccer balls, but for the "soccer obsessed" we demand thousands of touches a day from our ball and it needs to maintain shape and feel.