With the first week of the 2021 MASL regular season complete, and the next game tomorrow, fans are logging on the League’s Facebook events page and deciding between this year’s single-game or Season Pass option for seeing their team, or all teams live.

The 11 teams competing this season have entered a partnership to broadcast on Facebook and split the revenue evenly. As the MASL is a gate revenue driven sport, many teams have had to weigh the ability to field a team in a region where fans are not allowed to attend games. A few teams have taken that a step further and agreed to an entire schedule on the road and the PPV option gives teams the ability to compete.

Producing a quality broadcast which MASL fans, and teams deserve is a top priority with the League and Facebook. After a few glitches in the first game, which were worked out, we are confident that when you log on to support your team, as a fan you will be pleased with your experience.

It is an unusual season we, as all professional sports, are dealing with and we are thankful for the bond between fans, players, and teams. To view your team, you can select a single-game option for $7.99 per game or for just $74.99, you can see every game played by every team.

For the 2021 season, teams have committed to a schedule of at least 12 games, with a maximum of 24. The schedule will be released on a month-by-month basis with the regular season ending on April 18. Since teams may play an unbalanced number of games, winning percentage will be the first factor for playoff qualification. The League will announce the playoff format in the future.  

To log on and see your favorite teams and players in action, go to