by Lindsay Mogle

The Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) today announced the formation of a new MASL Player Health and Safety Committee to focus on enhancing  concussion protocols, medical standards, injury prevention, player safety, and playing field and arena conditions.

The committee will be chaired by Ontario Fury Owner and Managing Partner Jeff Burum and will also include Alan Mayer, goalkeeper coach for the Kansas City Comets, and MASL Advisor Werner Roth, a former star with the North American Soccer League’s New York Cosmos. In addition, a current MASL player and a medical/healthcare professional will be named to this critically-important group.

The committee also will consult with outside resources and health experts to provide recommendations to MASL owners and Commissioner Keith Tozer on strategies for enhancing player safety as MASL continues to deliver a compelling sports experience to its many fans.

“I feel strongly that as a league and as owners, we must work collaboratively to continually identify, assess, and enact protocols that will best protect MASL players who compete in the most exciting and fun sport the U.S. has ever seen,” Burum said.

“The health and safety of our players is at the forefront of our minds as we strive to create the greatest on-field product we can,” said MASL Commissioner Keith Tozer. “This committee will serve a critical role as they analyze and aim to improve the well-being of all our athletes.”

The Committee will review equipment, including soccer balls and protective headgear for players, as well as referee training and protocols related to player safety. It will also examine playing field and arena conditions, building upon MASL’s recently announced Arena and Boards Set Up Rule requiring arenas either have protective glass enclosing the playing surface or set minimum distances of at least four feet between spectators and the playing surface and/or boards in the exposed areas in arenas that do not have permanent seating on the boards.

Burum said the Committee's work will begin immediately and will be ongoing to ensure MASL remains current on the latest research, technology advancements and best practices for protecting the health and safety of players.