by Jeff Husted

MASL to play 24 game schedule beginning December 1, 2018

The Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) announced today plans for the 2018-2019 season. Each team will play a 24-game schedule, with 12 at home and 12 on the road. The MASL also announced the regular season will run an estimated four months, beginning the weekend of December 1, 2018.

 The new format allows teams to bring more great arena soccer action to their fans with a 12-game home schedule. The later start date also allows each team more time to prepare and market to their local communities once the final schedule is released, while also avoiding overlap with in-market fall audience competition.

“Over the past two seasons we have studied the impact of the MASL’s schedule on our teams and their success. We feel there is more excitement about our game than there has been in a long time. This change in schedule format will allow our teams to capitalize on that excitement and remove many of the roadblocks to delivering the game to fans on more convenient dates,” said MASL Commissioner Joshua Schaub

“Further, we heard from potential ownership groups that they sought more potential dates and revenue. This new schedule obviously accomplishes that desire.”

 This format will also better align with broadcast calendars for any future potential partnerships. The MASL continues negotiations with multiple networks seeking arena soccer to be featured content.