by Jeff Husted

KANSAS CITY (October 11, 2017) – With the 2017-2018 season right around the corner, the Major Arena Soccer League (MASL) today published the Official Rules Manual that will govern game play for this upcoming campaign.

The MASL Rules Committee, made up of coaches and owners from across the league, worked throughout the offseason to make the game of arena soccer safer, faster, and easier to enjoy for all fans, whether they are watching live in the arena or on MASLtv broadcasts.

In addition, the Rules Committee worked with Ryan Cigich, the MASL’s Head of Officials, to highlight several ‘points of emphasis’ for officials to focus on this season. These are rules that are already in place, but will be given particular attention by game day referees throughout the season.

Commissioner Joshua Schaub praised the work of Cigich and the Rules Committee, ““I believe the rule changes and points of emphasis for this season strike a great balance between maintaining safety for our players and continuing our reputation as one of the fastest and physical sports in the world.”

Player Safety: 

Arena soccer is a physical high contact sport; however, player safety is paramount.  Referees will strictly penalize any player contacting an opponent in the head or face area when not challenging for the ball, as well as penalize players who commit a “two-footed” tackle regardless of whether or not they win the ball. The Office of Commissioner has the power to review events and impose sanctions after the game.

Speed of the Game:

Referees will work with players and coaches to keep each game flowing in a professional manner. Players and coaches alike will be penalized for acts that delay the game, including but not limited to, entering the field of play to argue a referee decision, surrounding or crowding referees, etc.

Player/Coach Dissent:

Arena soccer is an extremely fast-paced game with continuous action all over the field. Referees will strictly enforce penalties for players and coaches who continuously dissent or fail to proceed to the penalty box in a timely manner following a time penalty.

Obscene Language:

Fans of all ages fill arenas across North America to see MASL action. While the league understands the players have passion and play with emotion, they must also remember they are role models and examples for those who come to enjoy the game. Referees will remind players there is no room in the game for foul, abusive or obscene language.

The complete MASL Official Rules Manual can be found here.

The MASL kicks off on October 27th when the Milwaukee Wave travel to Washington to face the Tacoma Stars on Opening Day 2017. For the latest information about the MASL and its teams, visit