by Lindsay Mogle

The Major Arena Soccer League(MASL) announced today that they have partnered with Global Scarves. Global Scarves is the preferred scarf partner of the MASL. The partnership will help enhance fan experience and brand awareness for the league as it continues to expand.

Global Scarves, founded in 1973 is now the leading manufacturer and supplier of fan merchandise, specializing in personalized scarves and fan apparel. The Tacoma, Wash. based company will work closely with the MASL and teams in the development, sampling and manufacturing of high-end personalized merchandise.

Their passionate team is highly qualified when it comes to producing the best merchandise available that will elevate the MASL teams and brands. Global Scarves has a diverse client base and works with soccer teams, hockey teams, supporter’s groups, fundraisers, breweries and large corporations. It also works extensively with artists and their agencies within the music industry.

"Global Scarves is very excited to be partnering with the MASL for the coming year,” said Bill Kristian, Global Scarves North American Sales Director. “With their recent expansions and high level of indoor play and development we know this is a perfect fit for our two brands. Such a high level and professional indoor game only deserves the most professional quality of scarves and other gear to all clubs and fans, and we couldn't be happier to be growing with such an exciting league."

"We are excited to make this partnership official. Many of our teams have been working with Global Scarves for years. They are a leader in the industry and offer the best of professional quality product,” said Commissioner Joshua Schaub. “Each of our teams have the ability to work with Global Scarves customizing professional quality supporter scarves and gear. This will help in the continued growth of our league and team's success."