by Jeff Husted

KANSAS CITY (Apr. 18, 2019) – With the start of the 2019 Ron Newman Cup playoffs tonight, the Major Arena Soccer League announced today that referees will be able to use Instant Replay in all playoff matches. The objective of video replay is to improve the game in terms of fairness and accuracy.  Its use is not meant to “re-referee” the match, but rather assist the referees in correcting “clear and obvious errors” and deal with “serious missed incidents” in specific situations.

During the game, video replay can be initiated by the referee only when the referee has a strong sense that there may be an error.  Indisputable video evidence, in the judgement of the referee must be present to overrule the decision made on the field. 

If the video replay is unclear or does not show the incident under review in a definitive manner the original decision on the field will remain.  The senior referee will make a final decision and there must be evidence that a clear and obvious error has been committed. 

Specifically, replay can be used in three situations: Goal/No Goal, Possible Direct Red Card situation or Major Rules errors. Only the referee can initiate a review and only when play is stopped. A referee will signal an incident will be reviewed by making the sign of a TV screen with both hands, then heading to the referee crease to review the monitor.

The MASL playoffs kick off tonight with Game One of the South Central Division series as the Kansas City Comets host the Milwaukee Wave at 8:35 p.m. ET. Fans can watch live on Eleven Sports and Eleven Sports NEXT digital channel.