by Jack Williams

With MASL free agency starting this past weekend, we thought we should turn to none other than our social media manager, Jack Williams. After all Jack has watched and brought you the highlights to more than 200 MASL games since joining the MASL. Who better to predict the offseason's most eligible playmakers?! Some notable heavy hitters were not considered for this list based on their strong ties to their home club and therefore limited likelihood of relocating. But the best thing about the MASL is it can't be predicted, so make sure you stay tuned through the off-season to see how well Jack's list holds up. Think you are a better clairvoyant than Jack? Make sure to hit them up on social media with your predictions - @JWillsNH.

Editor's note - after the release of this article, the writer was informed that franck tayou of utica city fc declined his option for 2024-25, and is currently a free agent

#1 - Genaro Castillo (MTY in 2023/24) 

La Pantera Rosa, the reigning MASL MVP, is a gem. He had 32 goals and 18 assists in just his second season in the MASL. He also led the Monterrey Flash to the first ever 24-0 regular season in league history, and if a team can lock him down, he is going to be a problem for whomever he faces. 

#2 - Roberto Escalante (CUU in 2023/24) 

The most experienced player on a team that has won back to back Ron Newman Cups, Escalante brings experience and depth to a defensive third. His 41 blocks in the 2023/24 season was a career high.

#3 - Edgar González (MTY in 2023/24) 

González is one of the players on this list who can make things happen. In seasons where González has played 20+ games, he has hit the 20+ goal mark and the 35+ goal mark in each of them.

#4 - Andrew Coughlin (UTC in 2023/24) 

Mr. Stretch is one of the best goalies in this year’s free agency pool. The eight-year MASL veteran posted a career high .715 Sv% in 2023-24.

#5 - Derek Huffman (MKE in 2023/24)

 Huff The Stuff, one of the most eclectic players in the MASL had a career high 20 goals in just 18 games last season, and clinched the East Semifinal series for Milwaukee with a golden goal against Monterrey. Love him or hate him, his presence on a club would make any team in the MASL instantly better. Playing alongside Reget, Mijatovic, Gurson and Alvarez on Pat McAfee's Cocafa at TST is sure to find a lot of eyeballs fixated on the Stuff. 

#6 - Lucas Sousa (KC in 2023/24) 

One of two Kansas City Comets to play every game last season, Sousa touts 103 points in 78 games played over 4 seasons in the MASL.

#7 - Uzi Tayou (TEX in 2023/24) 

One half of the Brothers Tayou who showed off on both ends of the ball last season. His nine goals and 11 assists were both career highs, as well as his 84 blocks on defense. If he can continue to build up his offensive game, he will be a problem for any team that faces him. Do we see the brothers rejoin in Utica? Or maybe a friendly Eastern Conference brotherly rivalry? 

#8 - Moises Gonzalez (BAL in 2023/24) 

The man who is one of the most deadly on set piece opportunities, Gonzalez brings a wealth of experience with nine seasons in the MASL. In seven of those nine seasons, Moi has at least 25 points, with a career high 44 points for RGV in 2018-19. 

#9 - Nacho Flores (KC in 2023/24)

Flores had the most goals (13) and assists (18) in a season since 2017-18, a fantastic threat in the backfield as well with a career-high 39 blocks last season.

#10 - Max Ferdinand (MKE in 2023/24) 

Mighty Max Ferdinand had a return to form of sorts after his return to the Wave this past season, putting up 20 points between the regular season and playoffs. A player with tons of indoor experience and multiple 40+ point seasons to boot, Max would be a welcome addition to any team’s forward line.

#11 - Lucas Roque (EMP in 2023/24) 

Lucas only played one game for Empire in 2023/24, but in the right situation, has the potential to be one of the best forwards in the league. We won't be upset cutting a few more Roque goal celebrations for social next year. 

#12 - Mo Ndiaye (UTC in 2023/24) 

A fantastic two-way defender with tons of upside. At just 26 years old, Mo could be a team’s backbone on defense for years to come. 

#13 - Robbie Kristo (STL in 2023/24) 

A three year MASL veteran with tons of upside, Kristo had a career high in assists with nine this past season, and with USL and Serie B experience under his belt, is a great soccer mind to add to your forward line.

#14 - Alessandro Canale (TAC in 2023/24) 

Another MASL player with USA Beach Soccer experience. He has posted double digit goals in the last two MASL seasons, and has ball handling skills in the midfield like no other. 

#15 - Mario Alvarez (MKE in 2023/24) 

Super Mario matched his career high in points last season with 23 in just 16 games. Going into his 10th season in the MASL, Alvarez remains a great defensive option for teams looking to beef up the back.

#16 - Cory Keitz (TAC in 2023/24) 

A journeyman defenseman for the Stars over the last nine seasons, Keitz can add stability and depth to any defensive corps in the MASL. On the offensive side, Keitz had a career high 13 points in the 2023-24 season

#17 - Ricardo Diegues (BAL in 2023/24) 

After only playing four games in 2023-24, the forward from Rio de Janeiro is looking to make a splash in 2024/25. With double digit goals in his previous seven seasons, he could be a deadly addition to a team’s offensive plans. He joins 16 MASL brothers on the Traqui10 FC team coached by Jimmy Nordberg and Clay Roberts. A great showcase for the free agent. 

#18 - James Togbah (STL in 2023/24) 

The defender from Liberia can bring high energy to any backline in the MASL. At just 28 years old, a player to invest in for the future.

#19 - Luis “Pee Wee” Ortega (SD in 2023/24) 

Only saw four games of action in 2023/24, but this is a defender who can cause you problems in the back. With nine seasons of MASL experience, he’s one of the most seasoned defenders in this year’s free agent class.

#20 - Malcolm Harris (HARRISBURG) 

Career high in goals in 23/24 with 13, and is a great addition to bolster up both sides of the field. *Harris' contract with the Heat expires Aug 31, 2024. 

Make sure to stay tuned to MASL social media channels for all the updates on free agency as we head towards the 2024/25 season!