Express surprise Baja

by Dareny Barajas

Turlock, Ca. (December 30, 2016) --- Turlock Express (4-6) continues to remain undefeated at home after a back and forth game against Atletico Baja (5-4) resulting in the final score of 9-4.

Unsure of whether or not Carolina Jaramillo who is the first female player to be signed in the MASL with Atletico Baja, was going to step on the field in tonight’s game Turlock’s crowd made sure to cheer on Express in hopes of taking the victory and protecting their home record.

Atletico Baja started off strong up top with their leading scorer, Christian Gutierrez rapidly seeking the advantage for Baja but in return Adrian “Kiko” Gutierrez opened up the night with the first goal for Express. That however didn’t set well with Baja who snapped back with a goal of their own tieing up the scoreboard. 

Turlock determined to not have the same outcome like the last encounter with Baja when they lost in overtime, continued to seek the goal advantage against the fast charging Gallos. Both teams throughout the game focused on a strong offensive play searching for possession and the back of the net. 

As the first half ended, The Express lead 3 to 2 with goals by Adrian Gutierrez, Martyn Arista and Matthew Germain. Christian Gutierrez carried his team into the second half with 2 goals. 

Anibal Echeverria made a grand entrance in the beginning of the third quarter with his first goal of the night once more giving Turlock the advantage but didn’t stop there returning for the last goal of the match that concluded the win.