by Dareny Barajas

SAN DIEGO, Cal. (Nov. 24th, 2019) The Turlock Cal Express for the first time in team franchise defeated the San Diego Sockers in San Diego with an all team effort that resulted in a 7-6 win. 

The Turlock Cal Express challenged the San Diego Sockers in a way that has not been seen before from them. 

The Sockers began the match with an aggressive lineup that pressured the Cal Express right away. With a long ball kicked close to Goalkeeper Edgar Martinez, he came out in hopes of ending any possible opportunity but found himself in a tough situation after finding it hard to stay in his box lines.

Martinez then throws the ball forward but Sockers, Brian Farber is in the right spot to finish it off opening up the scoreboard for the night and giving San Diego an early lead. 

Not dwelling too much on the early goal, Cal Express tweaked their defense and got things moving forward for the better. 

Two consecutive goals were then seen that ended the first 15 minutes of play. Goals came from Manuel Rojo and Gerardo Jurado who are two of the many new faces added to the roster this season for Turlock. 

Entering the second quarter with a one goal advantage the Cal Express continue working as a unit but found themselves facing a familiar Sockers duo that ended with a strike by Hiriam Ruiz past goalkeeper Martinez that tied things up 2-2.

Turlock found the opportunity to pull away once more with a second goal from Gerardo Jurado but that short lived when Emmanuel Aguirre found the back of the net tying up the game for the fourth time. 

As the final 2 minutes slowly creeped in on the clock before halftime, Adrian ‘Kiko’ Gutierrez gave a hard pass to Veteran Ivan Campos who redirects the ball straight into the goal allowing the second half of the match to begin once more with a Turlock one goal advantage. 

This goal gave the Cal Express everything they needed and never looked back as the Sockers were not able to come back from the goal differential. 

Amazing performances by Adrian Gutierrez ( G:1, A: 2) and Manuel Rojo (G:3) who had a hat trick tonight fired up the Northern California team and allowed them to take the big Win. 

This improves their record to 2-0. Turlock will now head back home as they prepare to host the Tacoma Stars on December 6th at home.
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