Conference Finals Schedule

by Lindsay Mogle

The Major Arena Soccer League announced dates for the conference finals of the 2023 Ron Newman Cup Playoffs today.

Western Conference Finals

Tuesday, April 18 – Sockers at Savage 10pm EDT

Friday, April 21 – Savage at Sockers 10:35pm EDT

Eastern Conference Finals

Friday, April 21 - Baltimore Blast at Milwaukee Wave 7:35pm EDT

Sunday, April 23 – Baltimore Blast at Milwaukee Wave 2:05pm EDT

All games will be streamed live on Twitch and select games will be available on For a complete broadcast schedule and channel guide visit:

If the home and home series is tied it will be followed by a knockout game following game two.

Knockout Game (playoffs only): If the playoff series is tied after the 2nd game, there will be an additional knockout game which will be treated as an entirely new game. The 1st period of the knockout game will be a full 15-minute period. New lineups will be submitted just like the start of a new game. If tied after the 1st full 15-minute period, additional overtime periods of 10-minutes sudden victory periods will be played. The knockout game will begin 15-minutes after the conclusion of the prior game. Accumulated time penalties and fouls will not carry over from the prior game to the knockout game with the exception of red cards. A player issued a red card in the prior game will be suspended for the knockout game. Teams will be permitted two (2) 60-second timeouts. There will be no media timeouts. Each team will be permitted (1) one coaches challenge that will initiate a VR. Each period will be treated as a quarter in regards to player foul accumulation. If a player accumulates 4 fouls in two periods; the penalty is a 2-minute power play.