Caleb Setting - A Birthday to Remember

by Lindsay Mogle

Caleb Setting was 2,750 miles from home when he celebrated his birthday Thursday evening.

He and two of his best friends made the cross-country journey from San Diego, California to attend the MASL Pro-Player Combine in person this weekend after winning the MASL Off the Wall Fan of the Year contest last spring.

Setting, a life-long Sockers fan was nominated for Fan of the Year by a fellow superfan from the Milwaukee Wave. He said, “I didn’t even know about the contest until my mom told me I was nominated.”

He then started following the contest and got the idea to make one of his infamous signs to thank all of the voters who voted for him, win or lose.

“I started writing the names and then it got to be over 1,000. I think I got arthritis by the end!”

Those votes were enough to earn him year-long bragging rights as well as the chance to attend this year’s combine as a VIP guest of the league.

“As soon as the Combine was announced I knew I was going, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I have definitely not been disappointed.”

The contest was organized by the admin of the MASL Off the Wall Facebook page, Greg Suttie. He said, "In previous years it resulted in just bragging rights. But last season I reached out the MASL Commissioner Keith Tozer to see if the league would offer a prize to our winner. Without hesitation he offered four VIP tickets to this season's league combine to be held in Utica N.Y. and a signed game ball."

He said of Caleb, "Caleb is an avid fan of his home team, but more importantly a huge fan of the sport and the league."

If you’ve watched a Sockers home game on Twitch or in-person you’ve probably seen Caleb and his sign collection.

His most used sign is also the one he notes is probably the meanest and says, “At least you tried.” Taunting the Sockers opponents as they leave Pechanga Arena without a point in the standings.

His all-time favorite sign however is one that claims he purchased Derek Huffman’s jersey at a Goodwill Store for a mere $7. He did admit that his mom, part of his brainstorming team, bought the jersey online for the stunt. Huffman was a good sport and even reached out to wish Caleb a Happy Birthday.

The brainstorm team includes his mother, several other fans across the league and his co-travelers, Trey Shotton and Travis Marsh.

“It’s not just me who is here as Fan of the Year, they are just as much a part of this as me.”

Turning to the action on the field, Setting has a few predictions for 1st overall pick that he’s carefully noting as he watches each mini-game.
“I’d love to see a goalkeeper go first, because I’m a goalkeeper, but I think it will be a defender.”

We will see come tomorrow’s draft!

As far as season predictions a Sockers v Utica final will be no problem for these fans.

It’s no surprise if you were to see Caleb’s pictures as a young child standing next to Kraig Chiles why he might be in favor of a San Diego final. “I hope I can see everyone from Utica again. Timmy, Tommy, everyone has been so welcoming here.”

The Combine concludes tomorrow afternoon with a live player draft at the Nexus Center in Utica and broadcast live on Twitch at 3pm EST.