Barracudas On Top

Hidalgo, Texas (February 17th, 2019) - The Rio Grande Valley Barracudas are now officially in first
place of the Southwest Division Standings. This is a huge hallmark for the team as the Barracudas
have never before recorded such a high winning game streak let alone landed first place on the
leagues division board. Today, the Barracudas have just gained yet another victory against the
Dallas Sidekicks with a final score of 9-4.

During the first quarter of the game, the Barracudas wasted no time and immediately scored a first
goal by Moises Gonzalez. As the timer continued to tick away Barracudas' players Yotsi Martinez and
Erick John Ponce wanted their turn to score and thus raised the scoreboard concluding the first
quarter to a scoreboard of 3-0.

The second quarter was a series of passes between both teams however, the Dallas Sidekicks managed
to push past the Barracudas' defense scoring their own goal by Ray Aguayo and raising the score to
3-1. The second quarter ended as such.

Moving on to the third quarter, Sidekicks' VcMor Eligwe received the first blue card of the match
immediately followed by yet another goal by Midfielder Moises Gonzalez. Not shortly after, however,
Sidekicks managed to even up the scoreboard with goals by RJ Luevano, Ray Aguayo, and VcMor Eligwe.
In the last three minutes of the quarter, Erick John Ponce was at it again and raised the board for
the Barracudas once again. At this point in the match, the score was 5-4 in favor of the

Thirty seconds into the final quarter of the match, Moises Gonzalez scored his THIRD goal of the
night raising up the score for the Barracudas 6-4. With one more goal by Yotsi Martinez, his second
goal of the night, and two more by Diego Zuniga the scoreboard by now was 9-4 in favor of the
Barracudas. In the last two minutes of the match, the Barracudas were down one player as they
received a penalty to be served by Yotsi Martinez; with a sixth player in the match for the
Sidekicks it STILL wasn't enough. This concluded the match and the Barracudas gained another
victory thus increasing their winning game streak to eight.

The RGV Barracudas will now be traveling to Monterrey, Mexico to confront Monterrey Flash for the
third time this season with the pursuit of a second victory against them. The Monterrey Flash vs
RGV Barracudas match is scheduled for Monday, February 18th at 8:35 PM CST.

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