Barracudas On A Roll

by Palmira Ruiz

Hidalgo, Texas (January 27th, 2019) - The Rio Grande Valley Barracudas have knocked out their second match
of the MASL week with yet another victory. This time, against Turlock Express and with a Final Score of 10-2.

In previous matches against Turlock Express, the Barracudas have won by a goal difference of 5 or less.
Tonight, the Barracudas took the big W home with a goal difference of exactly 8; the biggest goal difference
they’ve had in any of their games this 2018-2019 MASL season.

First Quarter moving all the way to the end of the Second Quarter, the game was for the Barracudas. With a
goal by Diego Zuñiga, a double by Efrain Martinez, and a goal by Head Coach Genoni Martinez, the Barracudas
easily took the lead with a scoreboard of 4-0.

During the third quarter the Barracudas claimed an additional point for the scoreboard with a first goal from
none other than midfielder Moises Gonzalez. Turlock Express’ Carlos Manzo, joined in and earned a point for
his team elevating the score to 5-1. As the game progressed the Barracudas managed to gain three points
with goals by Efrain Martinez, Luis Saul Ramirez, and Erick John Ponce. Turlock Express, on the other hand,
gave it their all to possibly shorten the goal difference and thus scored a second goal by Matt Max. The third
quarter concluded and the scoreboard read 8-2 in favor of the Barracudas.

Moving on to the final quarter the Barracudas increased the goal difference with two additional goals by Yotsi
Martinez. This concluded the match and the Barracudas took home the glory.

The RGV Barracudas will now be traveling to El Paso, TX next weekend to take on the El Paso Coyotes. The El
Paso Coyotes vs RGV Barracudas match is scheduled for Sunday, February 2nd at 7:15 PM MST.

Viewers will be able to watch the game online at:

To get updates on the matches, followers can follow Barracudas’ social media platforms on Facebook and
Instagram: @rgvbarracudas and on Twitter: @barracudasfc.