Barracudas Defeat Monterrey Flash

by Palmira Ruiz

Hidalgo, Texas (March 16th, 2019) - The Rio Grande Valley Barracudas have officially concluded their second to last
home game of the 2018-2019 MASL season vs Monterrey Flash and it's nothing more than good news for the team. The
Barracudas have gained yet another victory against the Flash this season and right at home! Though it was a tight game
at the beginning of the first half, the Barracudas managed to gain an over all advantage over the Flash and concluded
the match with an impressive score of 10-7.

Within the first five minutes of the first quarter, the RGV Barracudas wasted no time and Barracudas' player, Efrain
Martinez, immediately kicked off the first goal of the match giving the Barracudas a 1-0 advantage over Monterrey
Flash. A few minutes after, Monterrey Flash would tie up the score with a goal by Edgar Gonzalez assisted by Damian
Garcia. The quarter continued to play out with an intense battle between both teams, however, with two more goals
from the Barracudas, both being from Midfielder Moises Gonzalez, the first quarter ended with a 3-1 scoreboard in
their favor.

In the second quarter, the Barracudas gained a huge advantage over Monterrey Flash as Efrain Martinez scored his
second goal of the night and Defender Mitchell Cardenas scored his first. The scoreboard at this point in the match was
5-1. This wasn't it for Monterrey, though, as they quickly turned the game around and scored two goals of their own
and only a few seconds apart; both by famous Miguel Vaca. Not much after that, Monterrey Flash would score once
again raising the score to a tight 5-4 and within the last five seconds of the match to an even 5-5 with a goal by Frank
Tayou and Damian Garcia.

Moving on to the third quarter, Monterrey Flash broke the even 5-5 scoreboard with a solid goal by Miguel Vaca, his
third of the night, giving them for the first time in this match a 5-6 advantage over the Barracudas. The Barracudas
weren't having it and with the third goal of the night by Moises Gonzalez, the scoreboard went back to being even. The
match would then go back to the Barracudas' advantage with yet another goal by Moises Gonzalez, his fourth of the
night, and thus concluding the third quarter with a 7-6 scoreboard in favor of the Barracudas.

In the final quarter of the match, Monterrey Flash evened up the scoreboard once more to 7-7 with a goal by Edgar
Flores but despite their best efforts could not keep up with the Barracudas much after this. The Barracudas went on to
score the final three goals of the night; two by Carlos Hernandez and one by international player, Diego Zuniga. The
match ended with a 10-7 scoreboard and the Barracudas claimed the victory theirs.

After the results of this match it is predicted that though this means yet another victory for the Barracudas, this victory
does not affect the standings for the Southwest Division. The RGV Barracudas will now be expecting the Dallas Sidekicks
tomorrow right at home in pursuit of a secured spot at the playoffs. The RGV Barracudas vs Dallas Sidekicks match is
scheduled for Sunday, March 17th at 5:35 PM CST.